Using drone technology, we can create Orthomosaics, Digital Terrain Models and 3D models.

Most industries thrive on quick, accurate data. Your project should be no different. Our customers gain the confidence to take their businesses to new heights with our drone mapping services. Through interactive digital maps and in-depth analysis, we empower our clients to perform better, act faster, and make smarter decisions.

 Using our high-spec fleet of drones, specialized software and our experienced pilots, we create extremely accurate Maps, Orthomosaics, DTM and DSM 3D models for our clients. The efficiency drone aerial mapping provides helps them to expedite their workflow and improve their bottom line.

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The process involves stitching together multiple images to form a detailed 3D map. Each image has a GPS location that is used alongside Ground Control Points (GCPs) to establish greater accuracy when creating drone-based maps and models.

  • Construction management teams – Maps can be used to regularly update clients in the construction industry on the progress of their projects, analyze stockpiles of raw materials such as dirt and gravel, or even generate 3D models of construction sites. These maps help construction managers obtain the “big picture” and assist in strategic decision making.
  • Land Surveyors – Using our specialist drone software, we can provide surveyors with extremely accurate maps for their clients. The efficiency drones provide helps them to expedite their workflow and improve their bottom line.
  • Property Sales – Aerial maps are useful for aiding in the sale of land. For those considering buying large areas of real estate, an up-to-date aerial map can be of considerable value in determining if the property is right for them. If you have ever looked at a standard satellite image, you know that the detail is often lacking. Drone mapping can solve that clarity issue. A highly detailed aerial map allows for insight into the property details without requiring a client to be there in person.
  • Mining – Up-to-date and detailed maps are used to manage stockpiles, water drainage, erosion detection, and pit and dump management among a host of other uses. Constantly updated maps can give managers better situational awareness that can assist in decision making.
  • Agriculture – Maps give farmers the power to quickly analyze their crops and provide crucial data to guide decision making. Using NDVI imagery, our analysts can determine the health of a field and make important decisions in real-time. This means that those in agriculture can save time, increase crop yield, and ultimately, improve their bottom line.

We do give the option to use Ground Control Points (GCPs) when planning drone mapping jobs with clients. It depends on the level of accuracy required for any given job. GCPs can be an invaluable tool for aerial mapping. When used correctly, they help ensure a high degree of global accuracy, which is important for most surveying and construction projects. There is an additional cost to using GCP’s them on a drone mapping project so we will discuss the purpose of each map with our clients before deciding whether they are necessary or not.

We can export our maps in most formats depending on the clients needs. These include GeoTIFF, DXF, SHP, Shapefile, OBJ, LAS and XYZ among others.

Every project is priced individually and the price is dependent on the customers requirements. Contact us below to receive a quote tailored to your needs.

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increase in safety on a construction site from using drones


of farmland that can be inspected in one day from a drone

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than traditional methods. survey time on a 12 acre property reduced from 100 hours to 2 hours