Find out more about some of our technical services below.

Optical Inspection

Our drones are fitted with optical zoom camera payloads for all inspection projects. Theses cameras allows our pilots to collect data safely by flying near hard to reach infrastructure and utilizing the power of both optical and digital zoom to carry out inspections. Not only does the inspection get completed a lot faster, but it also reduces the risk to employees who traditionally would have carried the inspection out themselves.

Thermal Surveys

Our thermal camera combines a high-resolution FLIR thermal sensor with a 4K visual camera allowing for high-end stabilization and machine intelligence technology to quickly transform aerial data into powerful insights. Thermal surveys conducted by our drones allow us to examine much larger surface areas in a fraction of the time it would take a handheld thermal survey to be completed. The advanced thermal sensor provides high sensitivity imaging for infrastructure monitoring, energy inspections, and inspection of Electrical Systems and Grids.

Aerial Mapping

A combination of specialised drone hardware and mapping software allows Magnifly Pilots to capture large amounts of data from multiple angles in a relatively short period of time. Reducing the time spent surveying and gathering data allows our clients to make accurate decisions faster. Our mapping services include: 3D Map Creation, Orthophoto’s, Contour Maps and Volumetric Surveys.

3D Modelling

Creating 3D models using drone technology is becoming increasingly popular in industries such as Construction and Architecture. 3D modelling provides the key decision makers, in industries such as these, with a tool that allows for easy analysis, planning and monitoring of projects. At Magnifly, our pilots use waypoint enabled drones to ensure efficient and accurate flights tailored for our clients’ needs. The platform we use to showcase our 3D models allows our client’s complete control over the model enabling zoom, pan and rotation options.

Site Measurements

Volume measurement using a combination of drones and specialised software is proving popular in industries such as Construction, Utilities and Forestry. We provide fast, accurate and cost-effective data that allows our clients to analyse volumes and measure areas using 2D and 3D created maps.